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Silhouette Marker


Silhouette Marker

Developed to make our clients more competitive on the market by offering the modern technologies in marker nesting.

  • Arrange the patterns faster and optimal;
  • Arrange the marker without using cutting table and paper patterns;
  • Reduces the possibilities of making mistakes. Such as to add more pieces to the marker;
  • You have full information about the fabric fill and placed pieces;

Silhouette Marker is a computеr system for marker nesting and ploting. Provides detail information about the percentage of utilized area. Arranging the pieces by rotation, snaping, directing.

Silhouette Marker allows you to execute the following activities:

  • Allows arrangement of pieces in marker;
  • Printing out of the arrange marker with plotter device;
  • Provides a detailed information about the percentage of utilized area;
  • Snap pieces to each other during the arrangement;
  • Directing the pieces in case of manual arrangement of the marker;
  • Updating of the modified pieces in the marker;
  • Storing the model in file;