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Silhouette Designer


Silhouette Designer - Unleash your talent!

Developed to make our clients more competitive on the market by providing them the modern technologies in the apparel design.

Silhouette Designer is software for constructing and sizing of apparel models, upholstery, shoes. Meant for small, medium and big companies manufacturing clothing and sewing ateliers.

Our software product saves time and resources to designers as it replace the ordinary drawing sheet with computerized one.

Allows conservation of huge number of constructed models which can be opened and continued anytime or to be used for a base for new patterns.

Through the Internet technologies the created patterns can be easily transfered over long distances and variety of combinations of different models can be done.

Through proper alignment of details on the fabric, thanks to the modular part Silhouette Marker, time and resources are successfully saved.

  • Store your patterns on computer, instead of using working room;
  • Construct your patterns without drawing board and instruments;
  • Create and modify patterns for less time;
  • Work from everywhere, just bring the laptop with you;

Silhouette Designer gives opportunities:

  • Create the plane of model and calculate the elements in it by using measures and formulas
  • Build the patterns.
  • Grading the patterns with size rules or size tables.
  • Nesting the patterns in marker and calculating the expenses.
  • Import and export to other file formats.
  • Print and cut of the patterns and markers.
  • Palette with element patterns for often use.

Silhouette Designer supports work with plotter and digitizer.

System requirements

Computer and processor
Computer with processor Pentium minimum 500 MHz. Recommended is 1 GHz and processors Intel Pentium/Celeron,AMD K6/Athlon/Duron or compatable whith them.
Recomended is above 1024 MB RAM
Hard disk space
100 MB free space
Video adapter and monitor
Super VGA (1024 x 768) or higher
Keyboard and pointing device such as Microsoft Mouse/IntelliMouse or compatable
Recommended is use of ploter and digitizer